Batteri Ultra MotoCaddy M-Series

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Batteri MotoCaddy 

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Utilising 'next-generation' power technology, the M-Series 28V Lithium battery is smaller, lighter and more powerful than ever before. Housed within a waterproof casing and featuring the most advanced Battery Management System (BMS) ever seen within a golf trolley battery, it also offers a comprehensive five year warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

Not compatible with pre-2018 M-Series 12V or any other S-Series models.

This battery will complete 36 holes on a Motocaddy M-Series 28V electric trolley when used in normal conditions (however this is not guaranteed). Motocaddy encourage users of Lithium batteries to top-up between rounds whenever possible. The battery is not designed to complete 18 holes over consecutive days on a single charge. Battery capacity will reduce over time and can be affected by frequency of use and charging conditions.

High-quality Lithium golf battery
Super-Lightweight (only 2.2kg)
33% smaller than nearest competitor
28.8V High Power system - read more
Sealed waterproof casing
Five-times longer lifespan (than Lead-acid)
Remains in place for easy transportation
Recharges in less than 5 hours
Advanced BMS to optimise performance
Unrivalled reliability
Extended range capacity
Compatible with all Motocaddy M-Series 28V electric trolleys (2018 onwards)

COMPOSITION: NCM (Nickel Cobalt Manganese)
WEIGHT: 2.20kg
DIMENSIONS: 145 x 160 x 80mm
CAPACITY: 11Ah (Extended Range)